Chock It Up

Stabilizer Block


I went to my local Lowe’s and got a twisted/bent 4×6-inch piece of wood that was 16 feet long. In speaking with the store manager, I was able to get it for only $5, since it was a piece of scrap wood. I cut two pieces to 13-inch lengths and mitered the corners to 45 degrees to fit between my trailer’s tires. They don’t have to fit too tightly; just leave a little space so they won’t be too snug on uneven ground. I put an eye hook in each block, so I can use our RV’s awning wand to pull the blocks out without even bending over.

I then cut the rest of the 4×6-inch lumber into leveling blocks for under the jacks after making two sets of chocks for my friend’s trailer. These literally cost me less than a couple of bucks for each set, and they work well going forward or reverse. I’ve seen people with rubber mallets hammering chocks so they don’t pop out. Not me; I just set them in between the tires.

Mark Wisor | Madera, Pennsylvania




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