Cylinder Swap Made Easy


If your RV has dual LP-gas cylinders, you know how difficult it is to remove and replace them when the regulator keeps falling. You have to hold the regulator and bracket with one hand while wrestling with the cylinder with the other.
To make things easier, I put a nut and a wide washer on the all-thread rod below the bracket but above the lower side of the U-mount for the regulator. When I want to fill the cylinders, I loosen the top wing nut, raise the bracket to free the cylinders, and secure the bracket to the rod using the nut and washer. I can then use both hands to remove and replace the cylinders. Just reverse the process when the full cylinders are back in place.

One more thing: I use a plastic-bag twist tie to hold the LP-gas hoses together and out of the way.

Richard Gamel | Norfolk, Nebraska



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