10-Minute Tech: Fill ’Er Up


After having back surgery, I can no longer carry the 6-gallon water jug I previously used to add water to our RV’s freshwater tank when dry camping at national parks. Now I use a couple of 1-gallon milk jugs to add water to the tank. Since it’s difficult to pour the gallon jugs directly into the water fill, I discovered that a 16-ounce plastic soda bottle fits perfectly into the neck of the water fill. I cut a rectangular hole in the side of a soda bottle to make a no-cost right-angle funnel, which makes it much easier to pour water from the jugs into the freshwater fill. It also works well for adding bleach to the tank for springtime water-system sanitizing.

John Van Atta | Texas City, Texas



  1. I ran into the same problem and used a long-neck funnel (like used for transmisson fluid) to pour the gallon jugs into. I’m just not creative enough to cut a hole in a soda bottle without splitting it, I guess. My ultimate solution was to buy a gizmo from Camping World that has a tube attached and screws onto a hose for filling either at home or at the “water station” that many national campgrounds have.

  2. I purchased a $15 drill pump (for a cordless drill, of course ). This allows me to fill the water tank from any jug and wash the trailer anywhere without power.


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