10-Minute Tech: Hang in There … Again

Clothes Hanger
Illustration by William Tipton


I saw Wayne Smith’s “fix” in the June issue for keeping hangers on the rod so clothes don’t fall off during travel. Here’s another idea: I’ve been using a tension curtain rod in our RV’s wardrobe closet for years. It’s a quick fix and cost me less than $5. Buy a rod that is a bit longer than the existing rod and roll it out so that it fits snugly above the rod that’s already in the closet. The hangers are pinned between the rods so clothes stay in place. Close the closet doors, and away you go!

Nancy Bradshaw | Irmo, South Carolina




  1. We had tried variations of this, including a Camco 2-rod refrigerator shelf bar, but hadn’t had great success. We simply couldn’t get the “keeper rod” close enough to the hanger. We did get the fridge bars to work, but it required placing a hand towel over the hanger hooks to take up the space so the hangers didn’t bounce off.

    What we ultimately did get to work was taking the single tension rod and moving it to 5:00 (7:00 on the left) in relationship to the clothes bar mount. The hangers cannot swing or bounce enough to disengage from the clothes bar, and we’re neither using up an otherwise useful towel, nor fighting to get the fridge bar far away from the clothes bar to extract the hanger (the framing at the top of the wardrobe was right against the clothes bar mounting bases – it’s a small wardrobe).


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