10-Minute Tech: Hang in There

Hanger Stabilizer
Illustration by William Tipton


The majority of our camping is done in national forests, which means a lot of towing on bumpy gravel roads. We recently purchased a new V-Cross Vibe trailer that has a rear bedroom. When we reached our destinations, all of our clothes would be on the floor of the trailer’s closet instead of on the rods. My theory is that, since the closets are in the rear, the exaggerated action at the back of the trailer was throwing the hangers off the rod.

To remedy this, I took a piece of 2-inch-inside-diameter thin-wall plastic pipe and cut it to the closet width. I then cut the pipe in half lengthwise and attached a hook-and-loop strap. Now when we travel, we simply place the contraption over the top of the hangers, strap it around the rod, and no more fallen clothes! It works just as well for standard metal hangers as for larger plastic ones.

Wayne Smith | Flagstaff, Arizona




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