10-Minute Tech: If the Shoe Fits

Illustration by Rob Roy

Most trailers have folding steps outside the entry door. If you dislike tracking water and dirt inside or just want to reduce the number of shoes in the RV, consider making a portable outside shoe shelf under the extended steps. I made mine from 1/8-inch-thick plywood that’s 12 inches by 26½ inches and fits snugly on the existing angle irons underneath our trailer’s steps. A piece of corrugated plastic or Plexiglas could also work. Before getting under way, we remove the shelf and store it inside the entry door, ready for our next stop.

Larry MacDonald | Victoria, British Columbia



  1. The tip with the pool moodles is great, except we are pretty much out of storage room. I’m curious if the blow-up tubes for keeping your pool cover up off the water when closing woold work. They lay flat without the air.


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