If the Shoe Fits, Hang It


After seeing various tips in 10-Minute Tech on how to store shoes in an RV so you aren’t tripping over them, I came up with my own idea. To make extra room for my shoes and keep them out of the way, I bought a hanging canvas shoe organizer, cut it in sections and hemmed the tops. My husband added grommets, and I placed 3M Command adhesive hooks (available at most hardware and home-supply stores) on the wall. I now have plenty of room for all my shoes, and they hang nicely. They are off the floor, and it’s easy to locate a matching set.

Mary Granlee | Marion, Ohio



  1. Sure, this may have been used by someone else, but I haven’t seen it yet. Winter camping frozen-water-hose woes can be minimized by simply threading several swimming pool Styrofoam noodles onto your water hose before hook up. This worked for us camping in 25 to 30 degrees this winter. I was able to leave them on one hose all winter and used the hose 3 or 4 times in below-freezing nighttime temps. The idea was all my wife Tee’s brain dump. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it years sooner. I use the same noodles to tape on to my hose bib lines at the house every year. And, yes, I know about insulated hoses too. This cost between $4 and $6 to do.

  2. I found one at Big Lots in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That is what I am going to do at the front door behind the table.

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