10-Minute Tech: Indoor-Outdoor Table


Our RV has a two-legged indoor dining table, and rather than bringing along a second table for outdoor use, I converted it so we can take it outside. I bought a couple of round table-leg bases (available at Amazon, Camping World and RV surplus stores) and a 24-inch-round piece of ½-inch-thick plywood. I attached one table-leg base underneath the table between the two existing bases and the other one to the center of the plywood.
When we move outside, I bring the tabletop, one of the table legs and the plywood base, and set them up as a pedestal table. This way we need to store only the plywood base, rather than an extra table. If you don’t want to add a third base to the table, you can make two plywood stands.

Daryl Schmidt, Yuba City, California



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