Instant RV Towel Racks

Diagram of towel rack showing closeup of rack

In RVs with limited towel racks in the kitchen and bathroom, there’s the potential for more if the drawers have pull handles. But standard pull bars may not be suitable for hanging a dish or hand towel because there’s not enough space between the handle and the drawer face.

A simple solution is to extend the handles by inserting plastic spacer washers (½ to 1 inch) between the outside of the drawer and both attachment points of the handle, and replacing the screws with longer ones. Spacer washers and breakaway screws that can be broken off at appropriate lengths to accommodate the washers can be found at most hardware stores.
Not only will these handles provide places to hang towels, they will hold the towels away from the cabinetry, allowing them to dry more readily when damp.

A word of caution: Be sure there’s enough space to accommodate the extended handles when the slides are in, and take care not to have wet towels touching wood drawers and cabinets.

Larry MacDonald | Victoria, British Columbia



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