Magnetic Oven-Door Fix

Oven Door Magnets
Illustration by William Tipton

After many years of use, the oven door on our SunnyBrook 27FKS’s Wedgewood Vision stove no longer closed tightly, allowing heat to escape when we used the oven. I disassembled the door and inspected the springs and hinges, and found nothing broken or out of alignment. To fix this problem, I ordered 3⁄4-inch by 1⁄8-inch rare-earth magnets from Lee Valley Tools (; part number 99K32.11) and placed one magnet inside the door seal at each top corner.

This is the perfect fix! The oven door now closes tightly and stays closed, yet it’s easy to open.

Bob Moye | Ajax, Ontario




  1. Are both sides of that magnet magnetic? I was reading that if magnets are exposed to heat over 176 degrees, they lose their magnetism. But yours work fine?


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