10-Minute Tech: Mind in the Gutter

Ten Minute Tech - Gutter
Illustration by William Tipton


Need gutters for the sides of an RV? Home improvement stores usually carry fairly rigid vinyl/plastic J trim for capping edges of 5/8-inch or 1/2-inch drywall. Purchase enough of the 5/8-inch trim to cover the length of the trailer, plus one length of 1/2-inch J trim to gusset all butt joints from the inside. The trim is in 8-foot lengths at around $1.50 per length. To create the gutter, simply pull out the vinyl insert trim on the RV and then loosen the mounting screws in the aluminum channel slightly. With a small putty knife, lightly pry out the lower edge of the aluminum insert trim channel, then insert the long leg of the J trim behind this channel and retighten the mounting screws. Cut and shape short pieces of the 1/2-inch J trim to bed-in caulk on the inside of all butt joints. This creates a solid joint. Finish off with a set of Camco extended gutter ends by inserting them behind the gutter at each end and you have the perfect gutter at very little cost.

Paul Fertello | Dayton, Oregon




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