No-Fuss Hitch Grease

Bucket of Grease
Trailer Life illustration by Bill Tipton

No matter how careful I was, I always made a mess when I greased the hitch ball. I came up with an idea that has worked great, and everyone I’ve shown the fix to has taken the time to duplicate it. My brother uses it for his fifth-wheel as well.

I remove about half the grease from the container to lower the level. I shortened the wooden handle of a foam paint brush so it will fit easily inside the container. I also cut off a bit of the foam on the end so the brush is a little stiffer. I store the foam brush in the middle of the grease container and screw the cap back on. No fuss, no mess.

Pete Riehl | Portland, Oregon



  1. I have an Andersen weight distribution/Anti-Sway hitch. No grease needed, because the trailer and the ball turn together. This system works great with less mess and no bars used.


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