10-Minute Tech: Not Gone With the Wind


In our RV’s outside kitchen, we have a hanging roll of paper towels that would unroll in the wind. We fixed that by spending less than $1 on a plastic headband that has teeth on the inside of it. We place the headband over the roll of paper towels, which grips it — and problem solved! Once the roll gets small, the headband sits right on top of the roll. Between the weight of the headband and the teeth, it still keeps it from unrolling.

Marilyn Sticek and Jeffrey Furash | South Dayton, New York



  1. Hubby did one better at no cost… He took an empty two-liter soda bottle, cut the top and bottom off, and put a slit down the side. It fits over the roll and pretty much self-adjusts.

  2. We had a similar problem but with a somewhat different setup. We like to do most of our cooking and dish washing outdoors when we are camping if the weather is good and have a Shelter Logic picnic table awning that we put on the campground picnic table to keep tree debris, bird droppings and occasional raindrops off our work area on the table. We had modified the awning by adding a horizontal pole under the awning between the uprights that we use to hang wet dish rags and towels on and it proved to be an ideal place to locate a roll of paper towels. But we had the same problem with wind unrolling the towels. We came up with the idea of using barbecue tongs with one arm passing through the cardboard core tube to keep the the towels from unraveling. Works more or less like a bobby pin. It’s heavy enough that the wind can’t blow it off, and the V-shape of the tongs allows you to clamp the towel roll no matter what stage of being used up it is in.

  3. Go to the 99-Cents Only Store and get a bag of bungees in assorted sizes. I wrap one around paper towels when traveling or any place they go. They never unwind, and it’s cheap, effective and easy.


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