RV Bedside Table: One Nightstand

How to make a bedside storage spot in your RV.

Since we have a set of drawers instead of a nightstand next to the bed in our RV, I devised a nightstand of my own. All it took was a ¼-inch-thick wooden board that I placed across the top of the open drawer and some brad nails to fasten on a couple of side rails (wood glue would work in place of brads). I used 3⁄8-by-3⁄8-inch wood strips for the side rails (¼-inch round would work, too) to hold the nightstand in place on top of the open drawer and keep things from sliding off the top. Now I have an instant nightstand!

I cut the board to fit inside the drawer for storage when it’s not in use.

Ron Brown, Pine Grove | California



  1. RV Bedside Table: One Nightstand
    OK, so I’m not really sure what this would be for. Wouldn’t you just use the top of the set of drawers as the nightstand? However, I have a built in set of drawers with a closet on top next to my bed in my camper. This would work great for me. Perfect for my CPAP. I’m currently just putting the CPAP inside the drawer and leaving it open slightly for air.

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