10-Minute Tech: Out-of-Sight Shoe Rack

Illustration by William Tipton

We have an EverGreen Bay Hill fifth-wheel that has plenty of storage but nowhere to keep extra shoes. My wife, Barb, tells me that I bring along too many pairs when we are traveling. We came up with the idea to hang the shoes on a shoe rack that attaches to the end of the bed platform. When the bedroom slide is closed, the shoes can’t fall off the posts, and when opened, the bedspread hides them from view. The one I made will hold six pairs of shoes. I used a piece of 1×4-inch pine stock and ¾-inch dowels (cut to 2½ inches), and drilled holes for the dowels at an upward angle. Now we have no more shoes lying around. The bright-purple color was my wife’s idea!

Don Frank | Glendale, Arizona




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