10-Minute Tech: Outdoor Clothes Hanger


I made an exterior clothes hanger that attaches to the mounting tubes on my RV’s ladder. Most ladders on RVs have the mounting tubes spaced at 11 inches with a thickness of usually 1 inch.

I took a piece of birchwood, measured the space between the ladder’s tubes, and drilled two 13/8-inch holes to create slots, one facing up and one facing down. I cut out the slots with a jigsaw. This is now the support piece that goes onto the ladder. I drilled holes in the end for hangers to hook into, making sure there was enough space between the RV’s side wall and where the holes start.

The clothes hanger is easy to make, even easier to install and stores flat in any compartment. As a safety precaution, to keep from getting hurt if we accidentally run into it, we cut a slot in a tennis ball and put it on the end.

Peter Riehl | Portland, Oregon

Editors’ note: This is a good idea; just be sure that hanging clothes outside is in compliance with the RV park’s rules.



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