Room to Slide

Illustration for reader tip on positioning a trailer with a slide

After having to reposition my fifth-wheel when discovering that I could not fully extend the slide without hitting the power pedestal, I made an indicator. I got a piece of 2-by-2-inch wood that is about 6 inches longer than the distance from the extended slide to the outside of the fifth-wheel’s tires, and I painted it red. Once I place the indicator on the ground between the pedestal and the campsite, I can tell just where to back my fifth-wheel into position. I drilled a couple of holes in the 2-by-2 so I can add landscape spikes to raise it, if needed, so it’s more visible when parking on grass.

Gale Carlson | Lake City, Minnesota



  1. Great idea! My wife will really appreciate this. She is very short, and I have always had her lie down on the RV spot with her feet against the power pole. When I back in, I always stay a few inches away from her head, and it’s the perfect distance from the pole.

  2. I do something similar. I put the bright orange level links down on either side of the spot I’ll be parking in — kind of like landing lights for an airplane, but down the sides instead of down the middle. This way I’ve seen the layout, checked for overhead clearance and with one more marker at the rearmost spot, my backup camera shows when I’m all the way in.


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