RV Smart: Stick to It


We love the 14-inch-square Camco RV Vent Insulators that fit in the roof vents. The fleece-insulator “cushions” keep the trailer warmer or cooler, depending on the need, and also make our RV a little darker in the morning so the kids tend to sleep longer. Over time, however, the cushions become compressed and lose their ability to stay up in the vents. If one falls and lands on our dog, we practically have to peel her off the wall to get her to calm down.

I attached ¾-inch-square adhesive tape to the backs of the “hook” side of hook-and-loop fasteners and stuck them on the inside of the overhead vents to help hold the cushions in place. You can use whatever size and amount of hook strips are needed. I chose tan fasteners so they blend with the inside of my RV’s vents.

Chuck Lewis | Oneida, New York



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