Scratch-Free Floor


We recently replaced the old carpet in our Keystone Montana fifth-wheel with vinyl plank flooring from our home center. To protect the new flooring from the slideout without spending a fortune, I purchased a 32×48-inch piece of smooth plastic-coated hardboard paneling at a building-supply store that was cut into six 32×8-inch strips. I also got a roll of double-sided carpet tape and a roll of high-quality nonslip shelf material. I cut the shelf material into strips and, using the tape, stuck the strips to the brown (back) side of the hardboard paneling. I then laid those on the floor where the slideouts ride on top of them. No scratched-up new vinyl flooring! Total cost was about $25.

Art Swain | Springfield, Missouri

Some nonslide pads can discolor certain types of flooring, so you may want to check with the flooring manufacturer before using. — Editors



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