10-Minute Tech: Sewer-Hose Storage

Mattress Carrier
Illustration by William Tipton

I recently bought a foam mattress pad for my RV that came in a clear plastic bag-type container with a zipper closure at the top and a carry handle. I know many RVers try to find adequate storage bags for sewer hoses and fittings. Up until now I’ve used extra-large plastic grocery bags, but they tear easily and don’t have a way to secure what’s inside from falling out. This zippered bag is the perfect solution. It works great and is easy to clean.

Jim Pennino | Camdenton, Missouri



  1. I have low-profile boxes that I use for some storage. I use one that is dedicated to sewer connections. I am able to take the box out, open the lid and make/unmake sewer connections as needed. This keeps waste not cleaned from contaminating other items.


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