Sputter-Free RV Spouts

How to get sputter-free spouts.

I have been RVing most of my adult life, and we now have a 35-foot 2006 Komfort trailer with almost 100,000 miles on it. As an avid reader of Trailer Life for 30-some years, I always enjoy reading the 10-Minute Tech column because of the good, useful information. I liked Bob Stanley’s “No-Sputter Spouts” in the June issue.
I solved the air-in-the-line problem by hooking up a second water faucet with a 90-degree hose fitting (Camco part number 22463) at the freshwater connection on the trailer. I hook up the hose and turn on the park water, then open the faucet to flush out the line to remove all the air. This also provides a water tap at the side of the rig and makes a great hose connection to flush the black-water tank and drain the hose.

Hal Reinhart | Heber City, Utah



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