Stabilize While Standing


My wife always puts down the stabilizer scissor jacks when we park. It has gotten harder for her to bend down and use the electric drill socket, so I made an extension so she can stand up straight while extending and retracting the stabilizers. I bought a 30-inch 3⁄8-inch-drive socket extension, a ¾-inch-deep well socket, a 3⁄8-inch flex universal swivel and a 3⁄8-inch electric drill adapter, and snapped them all together. All she has to do is put the ¾-inch socket on the jack and use the drill to raise and lower the jack, using forward and reverse. Putting down the stabilizers is now an easy process she can do while standing.

Steve Witcher | Florissant, Colorado



  1. Steve – I find that I do not have to use a deep socket, a normal 3/4″ socket will do.

    Also, it is me that lowers the stabilizers with a dewalt drill set on 15, the stiffest number before it is a solid drill motor to chuck connection. I lower the stabilizers with the drill until the dril starts clicking. Then I proceed to the next stabilizer and do the same. My wife follows me with the hand crank and tightens each stabilizer. I find if I use the ‘drill’ position on the drill it jerks my hand painfully when the stabilizer hits the end of its travel, whether it is as far up as it goes or all the way down.

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