10-Minute Tech: Transporting Glassware Safely

Wine Glass covers


We like having wine glasses (as opposed to plastic) while traveling and had a problem with the stemware rack in our camper because the wine glasses would fall out while traveling. Adding a small wire rod across the open ends and wrapping the ends of the wire loosely around the vertical supports will stop the glasses from falling out, and it only needs to be lifted to insert or remove a glass.

10MT-wine-glass-protection-wireEven before we solved the problem with the glasses falling out of the rack, my wife had decided the glasses needed some protection from banging against one another during travel, and she crocheted a cover for each glass. The cover provided an excellent wrap for containing the broken pieces (except the stem and base) and making cleanup easy. If a glass broke, she threw away the whole thing, as it took only a few minutes to create another cover out of scrap yarn. She has since created yarn-socks for other glasses we keep in a container in a cabinet.

Don Leeger | Maidens, Virginia






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