Underbed Doggy Den


Hank, our dog, loves to hang out under our bed at home, but when we’re in our travel trailer, he had nothing like that cozy, dark den. I fixed that by creating a box in the storage space under the RV’s bed.

I measured the height of our bed at home and cut an access hole the same height through the 1⁄8-inch-thick paneling that lines the storage space of the RV’s bed platform. I rimmed the rough edge of the paneling with black tubing that I split and forced over the cut edge. The tubing fits so tightly that it didn’t need adhesive.

I built the box with ¼-inch white pegboard and 1x2s, then secured it to the inside walls of the storage space with glue and screws. The pegboard allows the box to breathe.

Then I cut a piece of carpet for the floor of the new hidey hole. Although Hank likes the carpet, the space is big enough to fit a small dog bed or pad for cold nights. Of course, those cold nights will most likely find him up in the big bed with us.

Steven Smith | Palm Desert, California



  1. What a great idea. Our German Shepherd cowers under the dinette when we are in motion–I’m sure she would prefer this. Pegboard is a stroke of genius!

  2. Gee, great idea if you have a dog that will fit under the bed. As usual, everything printed in Trailer Life or for sale at camping world is for ankle nippers. The large dog items they sell would never work for even a Golden Retriever, let alone our Great Pyrenees!


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