Waxing Eloquent


It’s difficult to reach the top of my fifth-wheel’s front cap when waxing it due to the slope, so I have to use an extension ladder. For an easy fix that won’t scratch the fifth-wheel’s surface, I cut a foam swim noodle to length, sliced the pieces lengthwise and installed them on my extension ladder. The foam stays in place when moving the ladder and can easily be repositioned where needed.

Rex Church | Alamo, Texas

Editors’ note: Use care to set the ladder at the correct angle and place the foam noodles securely. Duct tape may help to attach the noodles, but be sure the tape doesn’t get in the way of extending the ladder’s fly section.



  1. I do this too. Same color of noodle. Works like a charm. I don’t like the built in ladder on my Montana to reach the roof. I’m a big guy and not a mountain climber. I use my noodle enhanced, folding, multi-position ladder and feel MUCH more secure!


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