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I found an easier way to lift and insert my trailer’s weight-distributing hitch into the receiver. It was a simple job to bend a ½-inch rod into a U-shaped handle. If your ball mount has adjusting holes, just insert the handle in the uppermost hole, and lift and insert the ball mount into the receiver. If your trailer is taller (as mine was after I raised it), just weld a block of steel with a 9/16-inch hole to the top of the adjustable mount. Then, after reassembling the ball mount, insert the handle through the steel block, and lift and insert it into the receiver.

Man's hand holding hitch lifterWith this easy-lift method, I have a free hand to balance or steady myself against my truck. I wish I had thought of this 20 years ago. I was able to do this project myself, but it would be a simple task for any welding shop.

Mike Holzhausen | Greenfield, Indiana





  1. I have a 19-foot Bullet Keystone Premier. Mine did not come with the Stor more drawers that pull out under the dinette seat. The local Keystone dealers have not been helpful. Does anyone know where i can source these?

  2. I would not weld anything to a hitch. I am not a welder, but I know if you do not know what you are doing you could crystalize your hitch and cause it to break very easily. Would not be fun if that happened and you lost your trailer going down the road.

  3. Great idea and so much simpler then the one I made. I used chain through a piece of pipe for a handle, and old wench hooks, which hooked to a locking 5K pin through the hole in the ball mount that you used. I am tossing mine and using your idea. Those without a torch could just use a ½-inch U-bolt of the proper length. Thanks.

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