10-Minute Tech: You Light Up My Steps

Door Lights
Illustration by William Tipton

Sometimes when we leave our RV, I forget to turn on the outside lights for when we return in the dark. I mounted two solar deck lights on either side of the steps that adhere with hook-and-loop fasteners so I can take them off when traveling. They could be mounted permanently with something stronger. I bought the lights on sale for $3 each, and they work perfectly. No more stumbling around in the dark trying to find the steps!
Michael Myers | Kirbyville, Texas



  1. I found one at Bed. Bath and Beyond for $4. Mounted with heavy-duty (10 lb/sq inch) hoop-and-hook from Walmart. It is hard to remove but can be. Towed, with it mounted, 700 miles in heavy rain. Very secure. Light works great and lasts all night after mostly sunny day. Great idea.

  2. I found something similar for 2.50 aty local Walmart..back in the Garden Center
    $3-5 is normally what I been seeing them for..


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