Once the truck is stabilized on a level surface and blocked safely, the rear is lifted to allow the axle to hang.
The right-front factory jounce bumper (arrow) was a little more difficult to access, but it can still be done without removing the front wheels.
Front SumoSprings (left) have a one-piece design. Springs are made of proprietary (and patented) microcellular urethane and are maintenance-free. The springs can compress up to 80 percent of the original height and will rebound fully. Two-piece configuration of the rear SumoSprings (right) allows for unlimited travel, a more progressive spring rate and better damping abilities. The blue kit used for the Ram test trucks is the most popular for towing trailers.


SalVinCo Vance RV reading light with integrated USB port

Vance Reading Light with Integrated USB Port

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Garmin RV 890 MT-S GPS Navigator

Garmin RV 890 MT-S GPS Navigator

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Camco portable Little Red Campfire

Camco Portable Little Red Campfire

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