10-Minute Tech: Make Your Mark

Bed image with arrows pointing to front and back

Many RVs have limited space around the bed, which can make changing sheets or adding blankets time consuming. To get it right the first time, place a small mark with a permanent marker or a couple of stitches of contrasting thread at the center-top and center-bottom of your sheets or blankets.

This will help you position your bedding in the center of the bed and lessen multiple trips around the bed to get the sheets or blankets on straight.

Jo-Ann Soden, Pahrump, Nevada

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  1. I saw the 10-Minute Tech tip on Pull The Pin from James Baker on PP-52 where he added a carabiner ring attached to the weight distribution hitch pin. That works great but I added a small chain to the keeper pin carbines ring and now all I do is pull the pin and the chain keeps the pin from being misplaced or lost.

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