10-Minute Tech: Pull-Top Magic

Water bottle and motor oil bottle with arrow between the two

Take the pull-top cap off of a quality water bottle (the type that you can pull up to let water out and then push down to close off the flow) and thread it onto a quart-sized bottle of motor oil. This has several advantages. First, it allows you more control over your oil bottle, reducing the chances of spilling and, in some cases, taking the place of a funnel. It also allows you to direct the oil into hard-to-reach places. And using a good pull-top seals the oil as well as the original oil cap for spill-proof storage.

David Blake, Otsego, Minnesota

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  1. The 4/13/12 Ten-Minute Tech for water-bottle top to oil cap for control is a great note & it made me think that distilled water in one of these would make battery maintenance a lot easier too.

    • I’ve been using a clean “Dawn” (dishwashing soap) bottle with the same type of pull-valve on it for years to do battery fills! Lots of control of the flow! Just make certain that ALL soap residue has been removed.
      Jim Hart, Hereford, AZ


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