10-Minute Tech: Strain-Free Jack Handle

U-Joint handle

Winding jack-style stabilizers up and down is a real chore for me, because the jack handle socket has to be straight out from the jack screw in order to get enough torque to operate the jack. I must bend over to reach it and this in turn puts a lot of strain on my back.

In order to relieve my back strain, I took the crank and welded a universal joint, which can be purchased from hardware or auto stores, into the handle. This allows me to stand straighter, but still get the torque needed to lower the jacks.

Purchase a universal that has a socket size that allows you to push one end of the cut in before welding. The other end will have a surface-to-surface weld, unless you can find a universal with a socket at each end.

– Donald C. Sebald | New Berlin, Wis.

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