Cap Cracks

Hot Tire Pressure

Q: While washing my fifth-wheel toy hauler I noticed the fiberglass front cap has some spider lines in an area about 4-by-15 inches. They don’t appear to be open or separated, just tiny cracks. I’m concerned they may start spreading out. Is there any way I can stop this and seal them?
Lawrence Amidel, Sebring, Fla.

A: That kind of stress cracking is fairly common with a fiberglass product, Lawrence. It particularly happens on older vehicles, but you didn’t state your trailer’s age so we can’t pin that down as a possible cause. You can have those cracks repaired by a professional body shop familiar with fiberglass work and the repair may last for many years. But the cracks are in one area for a reason, and they may come back, so it may be a good idea to have the trailer inspected at a qualified RV service center to check for frame cracks or anything that could lead to stress on the body due to frame flexing. It’s always better to repair the cause rather than just the symptom.
– Jeff Johnston

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