Cut the Mustard … Bottle

Ten Minute Tech Bottle Funnel


I found out that I can’t pour water into the side of my camper when I tried to sanitize the freshwater holding tank. After mixing up the first batch of bleach solution in a gallon jug, I discovered that I would need a funnel with an angled spout to get it in. I looked around for a substitute and found that the neck of an empty mustard bottle would fit snugly into the opening. I cut a large “window” out of the side of the bottle and proceeded to successfully pour the solution into the holding tank. Problem solved! Total cost: $0! Total time to make: about five minutes including cleaning out the little bit of mustard left in the bottle.
-Bub Harper | Sunset, Louisiana

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  1. Many drivers have difficulty lining up to hook up their fifth-wheel. Once I have hooked up, I position myself in the driver’s seat as I would to back. I note a lineup between my cab rearview and the center of the hitch, and I put a 4-inch piece of tape vertically in the back window. In the future when I hook up, I look in my rearview mirror and line up the mirror with the tape and the front of the hitch.


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