Draining Hot Water Tank

Draining Hot Water Tank
Draining Hot Water Tank

We like to drain our hot water tank often, but we don’t like the water splashing all over the ground and onto the unit’s components. I used to make a funnel out of a plastic milk carton or bleach container to direct the water. One day, while my wife was vacuuming, I got the idea to use the corner attachment to aid in the hot water tank draining procedure. The round end of this long, plastic attachment (to connect to the vacuum hose) fits perfectly over the drain in the water heater. The attachment is installed after removing the plug. Some water will flow at first, but the greater flow will follow after opening the pressure-relief valve. This simple vacuuming tool allows us to direct the draining water to the ground without making a huge mess, and the attachment is always clean.
Robert Cano, Sacramento, Calif.


  1. I have a problem, my slide out will not slide in. One side works but the other
    will not budge.

    Also dont understand about the transmission fluid for the slide out.

    Any info would be appreciated



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