10-Minute Tech: Durable Dump Valve Rods

Dump Valve
Illustration by William Tipton

We are on our second RV and find that the dump valve push/pull rods have failed, either by bending or by the plastic T-handle breaking. My solution was to use a 1/2-inch stainless-steel tube with a 3/8-inch inside diameter and make my own T-handles from steel. The original threaded bushing that attaches to the valve itself fits perfectly in the 1/2-inch tube. I drilled holes in each end to attach a cotter pin through the original threaded bushing and the custom steel T-handle that I made for the pulling end of the dump valve. When threading the bushing end back to the valve, I used blue Loctite. I painted the T-handles green because in the state of Indiana construction sites use green as the locating color for sanitation, plus it’s easier to see when taking a first glance under the RV. These work so much better and do not bend or break.
Jeff Wineman | Clayton, Indiana




  1. In the August 2014 issue, I read the 10-minute tech about the durable dump valve rods by Jeff Wineman. I have a question about the t-handle. Did Jeff make the handle or did he buy them. Not much info on this and I would like to have 3 as all of mine are broken. I would be willing to buy complete from Trailer Life or Jeff. Any help would be appreciated.

    Jimmy Clark


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