RV Tip: Easy Find for Saw Blades

Ten Minute Tech - toolbox illustration


I carry an assortment of tools (as do many of us) designed to support my RV travel. Everything’s stashed in that toolbox, from socket sets to saw blades. I’ve found that when I’m looking for a saw blade, I’ll be looking right at it but can’t see it! Saw blades and files have a tendency to hide right in plain view. I’ve solved that problem with small lengths of PVC pipe with caps. You can make them as big or long as you need. Pipes in widths of ½- ¾- and 1-inch with 8-12 inches in length work best for me. I put ID labels on them, so now I know exactly where everything is and just grab the proper pipe. The cost of the pipe caps is the biggest expense — two for $1, and most people have spare pipe lying around.

Mike Cressy | Titusville, Florida



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