Fifth-wheel Handrail

fifth-wheel handrail

To improve the accessibility of the four exterior steps of our fifth-wheel, I formed a handrail out of 6-foot pieces of 7/8-inch aluminum tubing using a conduit bender. First, I attached the tubing to the existing handrail using two 1/4-inch bolts with lock washers and thumbnuts. Then, I detached the tubing and made two bends with the conduit bender so that it came out even with the upright part of the bottom step. Since it has about a 4-inch offset to reach the bottom step, I had to make a dogleg over to the bottom step. I attached the bottom of the handrail with two more bolts, lock washers and thumbnuts. The railing attaches and removes in a couple of minutes for use and storage.

Melvin Miner, Norway, Mich.

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