RV Gear: Greasy Stow-Away

Illustration by William Tipton


As anyone who pulls a travel trailer knows, storing the ball mount when not towing can be a challenge. I have found a way to solve the problem: I put the head of our Reese hitch in a 14-gallon plastic bin. When I am not towing the trailer, the hitch rides safely and cleanly in the back of my truck. When the trailer is in storage, the ball mount stores in the trailer in a space next to the queen-size bed. I put the plastic that wrapped the new mattress for the bed in the bottom of the bin for cushioning and it adds stability. The small can of grease for the hitch ball fits nicely in the bin, too. Storage and the greasy ball are no problem anymore and I don’t bang my shin on the ball mount because it’s no longer in the truck’s receiver when the trailer is disconnected.

Don Pearson | Bellingham, Washington




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