10-Minute Tech: Hooked on Fishing

Fishing Rod Storage
Illustration by William Tipton

We have enjoyed camping for 20-plus years. Since we also like to fish, we carry fishing rods in our RV’s outside storage compartment, but they were always in the way. I designed an inexpensive fix by mounting two pairs of 11⁄4-inch PVC connectors to the top of the frame of the storage compartment, one pair for each fishing rod. First, I drilled a 1⁄2-inch access hole through each PVC connector to attach them to the frame with self-tapping screws. I mounted them so the handle of each rod fits into one connector and the tip of the rod slips into another. Total cost was less than $4. The rods now hang out of the way in their own space and are mostly out of sight.

Jim Robben | Victoria, Kansas



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