Ten-Minute Tech: Keep Corner Cabinet Closed

Medicine cabinet illustration


In our trailer, there’s a medicine cabinet with a mirror mounted above a sink and vanity in the bedroom. When towing the trailer, the cabinet door would always pop open, spilling the contents, so I came up with a pretty good solution. Since the cabinet is mounted in the corner, not on a side wall, it has empty space behind it. Duct tape would be ugly and gooey, and a piece of twine wouldn’t be particularly attractive. With my sewing machine, I made a piece of cloth long enough to reach down behind the cabinet with the ends hanging out the bottom and over the top. Then I marked the ends where they meet and sewed on some hook-and-loop material. Voilà! It looks great (I made it from matching fabric), and the hook-and-loop fastener holds together over the roughest roads we’ve traveled.

Coleen Cornia | Evanston, Wyoming




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