10-Minute Tech: Leave the Lever Open

Ten Minute tEch - toilet lever illustration
Illustration by William Tipton


If you have a toilet that flushes using a hand lever, here’s a good way to keep the valve open for those times when you want to top off the black tank before emptying or add water for rinsing out the tank during the dumping process. Just cut a 1-by-2-inch pine furring strip to length and cut a 4-inch section of ¾-inch foam pipe insulation that can be used on the end. Fully open the toilet-flushing lever, mark the furring strip and cut to length. Pressure against the flushing lever spring will keep the pine strip in place (it does not have to be attached) and the foam insulation will cushion it against the back wall. I suggest that you continually monitor the lever while adding water to make sure the pine strip doesn’t slip off.

Jeff Allen | Midlothian, Virginia


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