Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks illustration
Leveling blocks

Most of us level our trailers from side to side by driving on plastic or wood blocks. I found that 2-by-12-inch planks, cut to size, do a very good job. They do not sink into soft soil, nor do they chip from rocky ground. After a time, however, they do weather and split. My solution is to drill from side to side with a long 3/8-inch bit near each end, and insert all thread with a washer and nut on each end. I finish by coating with a wood preservative. To assist in stopping at the proper place, I have bolted 2-by-3-inch stop boards across the end of the two longest boards. After I drive onto the levelers, I can feel when the tires make contact. A single stop board works, but is harder to detect on rough ground.
James W. Baker, Chandler, Ariz.

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