10-Minute Tech: Magnetic Memories

Kitchen Wall Magnets
Illustration by William Tipton

We like to collect magnets from places we visit and, like many RVers, we didn’t have a metal surface for displaying these keepsakes in our fifth-wheel. To solve this problem, we zeroed in on the wall next to our stove and paid a visit to a local hardware store. There, we bought a quart of Rust-Oleum magnetic primer and a quart of paint to match the interior (we took a piece of seam tape from the wall to the hardware store, and they computer-matched it as close as they could). I taped off the surrounding area with blue painter’s tape and applied five coats of magnetic primer to the wall with a brush (the directions call for three coats, but I found it needed the extra two). Then I applied two coats of color over the primer. Another idea would be to cover the primer in whiteboard paint to double as an area to write notes, shopping lists, etc. Total cost was around $40.

J. Richter | Lawrenceville, Georgia



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