10-Minute Tech: Outside Shower Solution

Water Pipes
Illustration by William Tipton

I am a camper who uses the outside shower for washing and filling water jugs. Unfortunately, the showers are always on the opposite side from the patio or at the back end. Sometimes these locations 10MT-water-route1at campsites are not very user-friendly. Our new Rockwood camper already had two water fittings plumbed out for the low drain points. I simply connected a piece of PEX tubing from the cold-water line to the patio side and fashioned a 90-degree bracket and a faucet (available at hardware stores) with a hose adapter on the patio side. I use one clamp to hold up the PEX tube on the underside, so it has three-point mounting. The low drain point still works as designed. It’s a real handy improvement!
Jim Roussey | Fort Wayne, Indiana




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