10-Minute Tech: Picnic Table Weights

Ten Minute Tech - weights
Illustration by William Tipton


We’ve read several suggestions in 10-Minute Tech about using PVC pipe and slicing it so it springs open to hold down tablecloths. We’ve tried that but found that we still had trouble with thick concrete tables in some campgrounds so we came up with soda can weights. Remove the top from four soda cans and punch two holes through the upper part of each can. Cut a wire clothes hanger at the base, insert each end through the can and twist together. Fill the can with sand and glue on a disk on the top of each can (we cut out pieces of plastic). Hang the cans from each corner of the tablecloth. If your tablecloth doesn’t have grommets, you can use flat washers glued onto the corner ends of the tablecloth for reinforcement.

Dorothy Chappell | Gilbertsville, Kentucky



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