RV Clinic: Slide Lubrication

Two cans of Slide Out, red can is rubber seal, blue can is lube

We have a 2003 Cougar fifth-wheel trailer with a 12-foot slideout. Some of my friends have said that the slide needs regular lubrication. Others say not to lube it. What’s the scoop on this? My slide mechanism is not the notched rail type. It is the smooth round rail type. Can you please help me solve this dilemma?
Ron Barillaro Penticton, British Columbia

Generally, the argument to not lubricate slideouts is based on the fact that lubricants tend to catch and hold dirt and grit. However, proper maintenance is needed to ensure reliable operation. Slideouts need two kinds of lubrication. The tracks and sliding mechanism should be lubricated with a product like Protect-All Slide-Out Dry Lube. This dries, leaving a lubricant that will not attract dust and dirt. It also serves as a rust inhibitor to protect the tracks. All slideouts should also receive regular treatment of the rubber sealing gaskets and wipers, such as Protect-All Slide-Out Rubber Seal Treatment, or equivalent. Do this every two months during use and again before you store it, and after you prep your rig for the spring. This helps keep the rubber flexible.

– Ken Freund

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