RV Clinic: Sticky Aluminum Wheels

Hot Tire Pressure

While attempting to rotate the tires on my 2009 Ford F-350 Lariat I found that three of the four OEM 20-inch aluminum wheels were solidly corroded onto the center steel hub. One broke away rather easily, but the other two took a lot of work to break loose. Before remounting the wheels I spread a coat of chassis grease on the hub with hopes of preventing this from happening again. Time will tell how well this works. Can you offer any better suggestion to prevent corrosion between the aluminum wheels and the steel hub?

— R. Warn | Oak Harbor, WA

This can be a big problem in regions with wet weather and high humidity. As to a solution, anything that creates a film between the two dissimilar metals will work to keep them from sticking. A thin coat of RTV silicone, paint or anti-seize compound should also do the job. – K. F.

– Ken Freund

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  1. i had “INTERMITTENT TRAILER BRAKES” on my ’98 sunnybrook also. took it to a local rv dealership and they couldn’t figure it out either because it was so intermittent. after a few phone calls they pulled the wires out of the axles and found one of the wires insulation worn through from rubbing against the inside of the axle. hope this is your problem. not knowing if the breaks are going to work is scarey.


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