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(1) The nylon plug is removed from the original 6-gallon water heater to drain the tank. Opening the pressure-relief valve facilitates the draining process, which can be a messy affair. (2) Mounting screws are removed to release the original water-heater housing from the side wall of the RV. (3) A scraping tool and hammer make it easier to break the putty seal between the original water heater and the RV side wall. (4) The LP-gas line is disconnected from the original water heater. Notice the big blob of sealer, which is required to close the hole around the LP-gas line. This prevents gas from entering the RV but can be difficult to remove. (5) Hot- and cold-water lines are disconnected before removing the original water heater. In this case flexible hose and barbed fittings were used instead of PEX lines and screw-on fittings. It was easier to cut the hose rather than pry it off stubborn barbs. (6) Power wires are also cut before the original water heater can be removed from the RV.
(9) The access-door assembly comes in white but can be painted, if desired. We chose semigloss black paint to match other exterior accessories. (10) A multimeter is used to confirm wire polarity before connecting to the AquaGo. (11) A special installation frame takes up the gap left by the larger, original water-heater housing. Butyl tape is applied to the inner and outer edges. (12) The installation frame is screwed into the wall using provided stainless-steel screws. (13) Butyl tape is used to seal the AquaGo to the installation frame. (14) Rather than sealing the gap around the propane line with another blob of silicone, Truma devised a unique grommet that’s compressed with a yellow cable tie (provided).
(20, 21) The finished cover assembly has a modern look; the vented door opens easily and provides complete access to serviceable components. (22) Switches that control Eco and Comfort modes are located behind the access panel. Lights above and below the switch indicate power and flash trouble codes. (23) The Easy Drain Lever is released and pulled down to drain the AquaGo, directing water into a bucket — without a mess. (24) The water-inlet filter pulls out when the drain is open. The reusable filter can be rinsed with water to remove debris. q


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