Water Hookups After Dark

Water Connector

Trying to hook up the water connection when arriving at a campsite in the dark can be difficult, so we came up with an easier way. We use brass quick connectors that are available at any hardware store for about $5. While traveling, we leave the male connector on 10MT-water-connectorthe trailer’s city water inlet with a rubber cap covering the end (shown above). When we arrive at our site, many times after dark, we remove the rubber cap and snap on the female quick-connect hose (right). We keep a second male quick connect on the opposite end of the hose, which makes it easy to roll up the hose and connect the ends for travel with no leaking. The additional male quick connect on the hose is removed to connect to the campground water supply. The rubber cap is put on this additional male connector and placed in a drawer until ready to disconnect.

Melissa Riley | Seneca, South Carolina




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