The 10-Minute Tech: Wind It Up

Cord Winder illustration


As I get older, the 50-amp electrical cord gets heavier, and with the cold weather, it also gets harder to coil. Using a piece of scrap plywood, three 6-inch bolts, three nuts, three washers, two 1-inch U-bolts and some flexible tubing, I made a permanent attachment to my RV’s ladder. I can now wind the electrical cord into a small coil with an inside diameter of 13 inches and an outside diameter of 20 inches. The bolts are fastened to the plywood so that the space between the bolts is 111/2 inches. Flexible tubing is slid over the bolt threads so they do not cut the electrical cord. After winding, the coil can be removed and is now small enough to place in a compartment in the RV.

Mike Villa | St. George, Utah




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